Dear Kids, Parents and Partners:

It is hard to believe we are so close to the opportunity to meet in person at the Packet Pick-Up & Pep Rally on Saturday, June 1.  Hopefully, you and your friends are ready to be the stars of the largest (and best) kids triathlon in the United States.  We have some very exciting surprises in store, and we know everyone will have a great time!

As promised, following is the second installment of our Getting Ready to Race Email Series.  Enjoy all of the details and feel free to link to our website at for even more information or to contact us directly with a specific question.  And, do not forget to watch your email box for the final installment before race day.  It will include a lot of race-specific information such as what to eat the night before and morning of the triathlon.

Parking Map & More

In an effort to minimize confusion, we have put together the map below to supplement the various course maps on our website.  The center of all the action for Saturday and Sunday will be the Dolphin Green on the Jacksonville University campus.

Due to the system of dispersed parking at JU, great care has been taken to develop a plan that will help make your event parking a pleasure.  First, it will continue to be free.  Second, there are more than 2,000 available parking spaces.  Third, you will be able to choose from 3 different levels of access.

Level 1 Parking will provide the unrestricted ability to come and go, but it will be offsite and require a short shuttle bus ride.  Level 2 Parking requires a little longer walk, and it also provides the ability to come and go as you please.  Level 3 Parking is closest to the Dolphin Green, but it may require a wait to come or go (depending on time and race activities).

Please click here to link to a parking map that should be printed and brought with you.  It is very important to consider your options and to develop a plan in advance.  Please get back to us with any specific questions, concerns or ideas.

Bring Your Bike Saturday

As mentioned in our first email, we are using Saturday to help make Sunday more enjoyable.  Specifically, we are asking everyone to bring their bikes (and other gear) with them to the Pep Rally.  We will have transition open at 4:00pm sharp, and we will be ready for you to set up your gear.  This will enable you to sleep a few extra minutes on Sunday, and it will allow us to start the races on time.  Another tradition we are continuing is the distribution of timing chips inside your race packet.  It is up to you not to lose it overnight and to bring it with you Sunday morning.

The Jaguars will be in the House

While everyone must come to pick-up their race packets (and drop off their bikes) on Saturday, we want to make it fun.  You will have the chance to meet and to get autographs from all the Celebrity Big Kids, and we will be joined by some very special guests from the Jacksonville Jaguars.  While we are still waiting to confirm the details, you will be able to meet and get autographs from current players, cheerleaders and Jaxson de Ville.  Best of all, the wide open spaces of the Dolphin Green at JU will make everything more convenient.

What to Bring on Race Day

Most of the third and final edition of our email series will focus on Race Day.  However, we wanted to go ahead and answer our most frequent question (and give you a little time to prepare).

What do I need to bring on race day?

Well, it all starts with a swim suit.  We will provide a color-coded swim cap, and many kids wear goggles (which you need to provide).  Also, you will need a bike (check the brakes) and a good, safe helmet (these are required).  Finally, a brightly colored towel (to mark your spot in transition and to wipe your feet) and a pair of running shoes are important.  Many of the kids complete the entire race in their swim suits (though a t-shirt is not a bad idea, as it provides a good place to pin your race number and helps protect you from the sun).

Some of the optional equipment (helpful, but not required) that you will see includes: a race belt (used to hold your race number - if you do not want to wear a t-shirt); water bottle (kept in the transition area); elastic shoe laces (save time if you do not have to tie); hat or visor; sun screen;  and post race clothes / shoes (that are not hot & sweaty).

The Giant Raffle

You are hearing it here first!  As a special thank-you to all participants and in an effort to encourage everyone to be on-hand for the Awards Ceremonies, we have gathered some great prizes for our Post-Race Raffles.  Thanks to the incredible support of our Sponsors and Partners, we will be able to give away more than $4,000 in prizes.  It is important to note that we will once again hold 2 separate raffles - one for the Juniors and one for the Seniors.

2,000 Medals & 105 Awards are Ready

Without a doubt, every kid who finishes is a winner and will be recognized with a cool medal (along with FREE Blue Bell ice cream and a big bottle of water).  In addition, we have increased the number of awards to recognize even more of the fastest triathletes.  For 2013, we will continue the XClass which is exclusively for experienced kid triathletes.  Separate awards will be presented to these competitors.  At the same time, this separate class will open up the traditional awards to other kids.

As has become the tradition, we will recognize the 3 fastest racers in 10 different age groups (both boys & girls) along with the overall Junior and Senior champions (boys & girls).  Each will be presented with a cool trophy.  Not only will you want to stay for the raffle (see above), but also you will want to be on-hand to recognize the fastest triathletes on the First Coast.

$39,000 in Charitable Donations

The First Coast Kids Triathlon is a primary source of funds for a charitable organization called Kids Triathlon, Inc.  Their mission as a 501c(3) is to improve the lives of kids by helping them realize the benefits of being healthy, active and responsible.  A critical component of this effort is to support other organizations that do incredible things for kids all year long.  We are very proud to be able to donate more than $39,000 from this year's event to the YMCA of Florida's First Coast; 46 schools, teams and organizations that will receive in excess of $13,000 in donations through our Group Fundraiser Program; and numerous other kids-focused charities across North Florida.

Once again, we want to say thanks for your support of our event.  It would not happen without the interest of the kids and the encouragement of the parents.  The First Coast Kids Triathlon is the ultimate family event, and we sincerely appreciate your support.  Feel free to contact us via our website with additional questions and stay tuned for the third edition of our email updates.

The 2013 Organizing Committee

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